This is from "THE 1ST AIR CAVALRY DIVISION, VIETNAM, AUGUST 1956 TO DECEMBER 1969", Phuoc Vinh, 12 February 1970, we are listed under "Other Units"


   They belong to another branch of the military-the United States Air Force (USAF)-but the Cav patch they wear on their left shoulder makes them unmistakable members of the FIRST TEAM.

   Most glamorous of the two Air Force units working with the division is part of the 19th Tactical Air Support Squadron-the men who fly the two- seat, turbo-prop OV-IO Bronco fixed wing aircraft. With forward air control (FAC) parties supporting each of the division's brigades, the Air Force pilots' primary missions are to provide visual reconnaissance, control and mark Air Force air strikes and adjust artillery.

    Operating Location 2 of the Air Force's 5th Weather Squadron provides 1st Cav ground troops and helicopter pilots with weather forecasts and observations on a twice-daily basis. Drawing on field reports from their own teams as well as Path Finders at forward areas. The observers play a key role in allowing commanders to consider potential weather threats before completing tactical plans.