side-looking airborne radar



SLAR is a moving target detection radar capable of performing large area, standoff surveillance. It has a near-all-weather capability and is equally effective day or night. Information collected by SLAR is presented in near-real-time in the aircraft cockpit. It may also be simultaneously transmitted to ground data terminals located with supported units. By rotating on-station aircraft every 2 1/2to 3 hours, continuous SLAR surveillance can be maintained across the entire corps front.



 Range: 25, 50, or 100 km to either side or to both sides of the aircraft (operator selectable).

Range Delay: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 km (operator selectable).

Data displayed: Fixed terrain information. Moving target information.

Method of display: Processed film display in near real-time. Identical presentations in cockpit and ground data terminal.

Resolution: Azimuth-6 meters per 1,000 meters. Range: 30 meters in 25 and 50 km ranges, 60 meters in 100 km range.

Normal standoff range: 30 km.


(1) Range delay permits the operator to begin mapping at distance from the aircraft as indicated. The maximum range of the system cannot be extended through use of range delay.

(2) Product improvements for this system will soon provide improved film processing and ECCM capabilities for the AN/APS-94.

 TASKS: Wide-area surveillance. Detection of enemy force movements. Detection of changes in enemy activity patterns. RAP/OPSEC support missions.

 ADVANTAGES: Continuous wide-area surveilance. Reduced air defense/ interdiction threat through standoff. Film is processed in-flight and viewed by the operator, ready for immediate interpretation upon landing. Rapid dissemination of information through ground data terminals and operator in- flight reports. Observer is briefed to obtain specific information.

DISADVANTAGES: SLAR radiation is easily detected by enemy electronic warfare elements. Line-of-sight device. Cannot distinguish friendly from enemy targets. Cannot adequately identify types of targets. Will detect movement only.



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