219th Aviation Company, 2nd Platoon (Platoon Leader). Spent about 60 days at
Holloway but volunteered to take over platoon in Kontum where it was
interesting. Places that bring back memories are Ben Het, DakTo, Dak Pek,
Plei Djereng, Dak Seang.

Supported: Mac V, 5th Special Forces Group "A" Camps, Command and Control
central (CCC). Have lots of pics but none on computer at this time. Want to
convert them to "sound" video when time permits.

Accumulated around 3,000 hours in the "Birddog", approx 1,500 hrs in VN, the
rest as an instructor and Flight Commander at Ft.Rucker. In fact, we taught
the last class of Birddog trainees before the Army gave the "Bird" to the