Bird Dog was 20th TASS O-1E's assigned to the 2nd ARVN Div at Quang Ngai and Tam Ky, I Corps, prior to about 1 Oct 66 when the call sign changed to Jake.  Our birds were the ones that sported the teeth and tongue that are painted on the O-1 at the Hurlburt FAC memorial.
Chuck McCalip, CMSgt, Ret
Admin/Intel, Adv Team 2, 66



Quang Ngai and Tam Ky flew as Bird Dog 4X and 8X until about Oct 66 or a little later when they became Jake. The 4x guys had fighter backgrounds (A FACs?), the 8X guys were heavy's.   Phu By were Bird Dog in that time frame also.  3X and 7X I believe, but am not sure.

Quang Ngai Radio was Waterpipe 17, Hill 29 at Tam Ky was Waterpipe 23.  Not sure of the numbers for the radios up north, nor what the locations became when Waterpipe went to Big. 

For a while (Approx Jun 66 until the Americal arrived to replace them) the FACs supporting the ROC Marines just north of Quang Ngai flew O-1s out of our airfield under "Togo".... their Radio used a Ragged Scooper call sign even though they were in I Corps. Their TOC was located a few klicks north of us across the river.\

Chuck McCalip