I've watched (and applaud) your continuing efforts to collect RVN callsigns, and see that you are now into USMC, etc. It just occurred to me that while you probably had all of mine (Herb in II Corps), and Jake and Covey in I Corps, I had yet a fourth that was quite unofficial but might be a "counter" for your collection.

In 1972 I was flying the Oscar Duck out of Wheeler AFB, HI, in what had become the 22 TASS (nee 5DASF and 604DASS) and was supporting and training the local Hawaiian Brigade and later the 25ID. In a period when I Corps was evidently short on FACs, five of us were called off the beaches and couches on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We recalled to the squadron, were told we were going back to 'Nam and given six hours to pack and kiss momma goodbye, after which we assembled at Hickam for the usual shots, legal, and other outprocessing -- and back to DaNang we went!

Our fearless leader was our DO, Lt. Col. George Bushey (since deceased). My recall mates were Billy Boyd, (Jumping) Joe Potter, and (Fast) Ed Kamolz. The hit TV program "Hawaii Five-O" was in full swing at that time ("Book'em Danno -), and when we inbriefed with the 20 TASS CC (A Colonel Kardong, as I recall - believe he was an SR-71 jock in a prior life) allowed as how it would be OK if, in return for our inconvenience and assistance, we could use that as a call sign for the duration of our TDY. I can't recall how long we were back in the game (too long for my taste is my memory), but Bushey flew as Hawaii-50, and the others of us wore the -51, -52, -53, & -54 call signs for the duration. It raised some eyebrows but was fun. Most folks didn't believe that we were paid to fly the O-2 around the Hawaiian Islands, but it was the best tour of my career. See if there isn't a spot for "Hawaii-50" in your collection. Thanx -

Chuck Johnson / Jake 73 (Mostly)