Having spent a full year (TDY out of Danang) living with the 2nd ARVN
Division, 4th Regiment in Quang Nai, both in the field at such wonderful
places as MoDuc, Budda Mountain and others, I'd like to point out that there
were about a dozen or so of us who flew the 0-1 out of Quang Nai. The 0-2
guys, while they too were given the "Jake" call sign,  came along later,
providing support to the Korean troops who were there in support of the

From my flight log it appears that my first flights in VN were in July '66. I arrived in QNI on 31 Aug 66 after having already flow 11 missions and some 17+ hrs.  My final flight was on 13 July 67 having flown 335 missions and 582+hrs.

Here's a list of the tail #'s just in case this pops something up in your data base.

All 16 of the aircraft were 0-1-E,  Tail #s-

 001;  026;  074;  146;  202;  500;  523;  555;  569;  612;  613;  616;  628;  654;  661 and 684.

Bob Gorman
Jake 44






From: Robert E. Gorman
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Shoot me the time frame you were there and I will update the db.  'perciate
the info, I can't do this without yours and others imput.