I wanted to give a little more info on the Sleepytime FACs with the 19th
TASS. I was with them as Sleepytime 15 from May '69 to May '70. We were
quartered at Bien Hoa and had been for a couple of years. We shared the
rocket CAP over Saigon with Army O-1s when I got there, but it was so
quiet that after a few months we got our mission expanded to including
nighttime FAC missions throughout III Corps, and were included in the
"incursions" into Cambodia at the Dog's Head and the Fishhook just
before I left. Night FAC work seems to be under reported in the sites
I've seen so far. If you have suggestions about where I can add my
memories to the annals, please let me know.

Thanks for coordinating this listing!

Peter Benjamin