Just an addition to some of the Walt FAC info.  The Bam Me Thuot (1241N
10803E) location was Bam Me Thuot City Field in the outskirts of town. About
a 1500-2000' strip with a track around the outside. Bam Me Thuot East was an
army field east of town with a couple of large artillery pieces we sometimes
spotted for.  I supported the Army (Advisory Team) AT33 there and AT38 at
Bao Loc (1132N 10750E) in 70-71. I took over as ALO at Bao Loc after Lt Col
Moody left.  We directed a variety of strike aircraft, mostly F4's, some
F-100's, an occasional A-37 and Australian Canberra (B-57). In late '70 our
missions were being slowly turned over to the VNAF and we were pulled back
to the 21st TASS in Cam Ranh Bay (1155N 10913E).  In early '71 some of us
were assigned as ground FACs during the Lam Son 719 (ARVN invasion of Laos)
debacle. We were on the ground with the ARVN 1st Airborne northwest of Khe
Sanh as a link to the USAF airborne FACs in OV10's and 0-2's and back to the
TASS so we could co-ordinate more strike aircraft as needed.  I enjoyed
looking around your site with all the info you've collected.  Keep up the
good work.

Carl Ramsey
Walt 71, Bam Me Thuot, Bao Loc, Cam Ranh 1970-71