Chamba was the callsign of the FACs of the Khmer Air Force.  When the Raven
adventure ended at the end of 1973,  10 of us remained or were called back
from the States to train this Khmer FAC force under  Project Flycatcher, The
Tac-Air-Improvement-Program-Cambodia.  We did the training at Udorn as part
of USMACTHAI/TLD (Training and Logistics Detachment).  We taught them to
control US airstrikes and sent them on their way.  The US FAC instructors
took Chmaba callsigns from one to ten.  

I flew with this callsign in Cambodia only a few times.  Had to have a good
reason to fly, and get the general's permission, since the credibility of the
KAF was at stake.

Jim R.