Chirp 95, Bill Fargo, Blackhorse 1966 - 67 
(photo Bill Fargo)

 I was an enlisted member of the TACP.  I also served as re-fueler and rocket
loader along with my TACP duties as Radio Maint/Operator.  Accompanied the
11th Cav on the ground on many ops including Junction City and Cedar Falls.
Commanders were Major Charles Post and Major Mario Stefanelli.  One former
FAC, Capt. David C. Lindberg, a great guy, was killed in May of '67 in an
F100 from Bien Hoa supporting the 11th Cav.  The unit he had worked with.

We operated through the III Corps DASC.  We were set up with the 11th Cav
Regimental TOC.  When air strikes were needed they were called through me at
NILE control (UHF/VHF) and I made tacair requests as Chirp 95 on the III
Corps DASC net (HF).  III Corps DASC was Chirp Control.

Bill Fargo,
Chirp 95
19th TASS/11th Armored Cav