FNG Chirp

            (photo Bill Fargo)

I went to Vietnam on a troopship.  I journeyed with the 3rd Squadron, 11th Armored Cav.  This picture is circa fall of '66 when we had finally set up in our staging area at Long Binh.  The troop ship journey was 31 days, I was the ONLY Air Force enlisted troop among 2800 enlistees and unhappy draftees.  My FAC, Lt. Clark was on board and I was happy to see his face from time to time.  He would visit me 5 holds down in the bow of the USNS Barrett.  I never thought my USAF stint would include a troop Ship!!  This photo indicates I was a little unsettled when I first got in country.
Bill Fargo (Chirp 95).