The squadron VF-151 made 5 combat cruises, from 1966 to 1973, one aboard the
USS Constellation, two aboard the USS Coral Sea, and two aboard the USS

I flew with VF-151, callsign "Switchbox" on its last two combat cruises in
1971, 1972, and early 1973 aboard the USS Midway.

On my first cruise in '71, we did a little of everything - working from the
Delta to the DMZ, into Laos and Cambodia, and the Mu Gia (sp?) Pass.

My second cruise missions were support of the battle of  An Loc, some along
the DMZ,  and some  Cambodia work, but mostly "up North" including strikes
on Hanoi and Haiphong, and the Christmas bombings.

I do remember one callsign - our sister squadron also flying F-4B's off the
Midway - Theirs was  "Rock River".

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