"Lt Fuzz" At Task Force Alpha

Ken Griswold
Task Force Alpha, NKP Thailand, 68-69
Lima Site-20 Alternate, Laos, Class of 6

We had several Lt Fuzz's at Task Force Alfa (TFA). The one I knew at TFA was a 2/Lt, God, he gave me fits in the Analysis Division. Seems like he was removed fm the Control
Room, that's how Analysis got him. Col Hernandez* wasn't too happy about that. (remember old red pencil Hernandez* - He wanted to be the only person in TFA that had authority to use a red pen/pencil other than the one Star Boss). "SERGEANT, see this! Someone marked this document with a red pencil. Find out who is using a red pencil counter to my orders!" Oh boy!, another witch hunt. Anyway, Lt Fuzz was made Division Top Secret Control Officer (TSCO). Which was basically "THE" TFA Top Secret repository. I was the Assistant TSCO as Air Force Regs at that time required the TSCO be a Commissioned Officer. So one day when the obselete documents were piling up the
decision was made to destroy them by burning them IAW AFR 205-1. For TS material it was very precise if you remember, Inventory document against the Certificate(s) of Destruction and sometime a page count was required and verified. Then the documents were taken to the burning facility, normally an upright 55 gal drum, and carefully
burnt (as you know), checked off for Top Secret Material and then the Certificates of Destruction were immediately signed upon reentering the building by the destroying official and witness. This day we had inventoried the TS material but ran into noon chow,
so we locked the material up in the TS safe, saying we would burn it when we returned from chow, and I caught the noon bus to the NCO Club. Upon my return, I couldn't find Lt Fuzz, but finally turned up about 1335hrs. I said I'd open the safe and we could burn the TS material. Conversation went something like this: "Oh Sarge, you don't have to do that, I already burnt it." YOU WHAT? Yeah, I didn't feel like eating lunch so I took the material out and burnt it! I just shook my head. and than asked him who was the witnessing offical; answer, nobody. Where are the TS cover sheets and  CD's (Cert of Destruction). A serious look came over his face and he said that they must have been burnt along with the documents. God, about 35 TS documents with no accountability , enough to ruin one's career, UCMJ Court Martial, or BC Discharge or finish your tour out with no responsibilities pushing a desk at the Base Gym. For a field grade officer, probably given a desk in something like Base Personal Services or job title of Special Assistant to the Base Commander - an absolute do nothing job! (I've seen it all!) Anyway, I had to tell the colonel who went "ballistic"! Then he was VERY concerned how the mess was going to be corrected and every document properly accounted for. Said I would handle it, and outlined
the course of action. Went to Base Hqtrs Admin and same same at 56SOW Hqtrs and got a complete listing receipts(copies) of all TS Transfered to TFA. Then a complete audit of current TS documments in house, then compaired all receipts. Took a little over 60 days to resolve the TS account with no discrepancies. Of course the colonel did get a big chunk of Lt Fuzz's buttocks, think most of the right cheek is probably still missing today :>)  ---Story doesn't end here. We are both called into Col H's* Office (*name changed to protect the innocent and guilty -but you know who he is) and put into a brace. Then he informs Lt Fuzz
that only by Air Force Regulation is he the Top Secret Control Officer and I was the Assistant TSCO,"HOWEVER, L-I-E-U-T-E-N-A-N-T, Master Sergeant Griswold for all practical purposes will be the TSCO as he has 18 more years experience with TS Material than you, and you'll do what he tells you to do!, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT L-I-E-U-T-E-N-A-N-T! A rather weak Yes, Sir! was they reply. After that, things went smoothly till one day I noticed the TS safe top drawer in Analysis was slightly open and unattended, a definate No, No!I quickly went thru that drawer file. One Document had been removed and not signed out, internal TFA sign out card was blank. I went after Lt Fuzz. He said it was really no big problem as he had just "LENT" it to Capt Emersom. I could have died! I usually don't swear or used the name of the Lord, but I did that day. I shouted that I don't care if it was the P-R-E-S-I-D-E-N-T of the U-N-I-T-E-D
SIGNATURE! UNDERSTAND!And I further said shaking with anger,"Look Lieutenant, there's a vacant cell in the Federal Penitentiary at Levenworth, Kansas, and I don't want to be your room-mate, understand!"(Thats a direct quote). I thrust the sign out card in his hand and told him to get it signed and bring the GD documemnt back to the safe and never do that again. Geeze, was I mad! Several hours later Col H made the comment, "I see that your keeping our second lieutenant on the straight and narrow." and then he winked
at me --enough said.
Well , I'm getting long winded, but went into more detail so the "Non-Intel types" would better understand the working of us "Intel-Weenies" :>). When I left TFA, Lt Fuzz was still a 2/Lt, the USAF just wasn't his calling!