BAT CAT (EC-121R) Mission

Jim Roth

We were flying the Blue Orbit.  Just south of the DMZ and east of Laos.  Two
acoustic sensors started going off, one louder than the other.  Didn't know
what the sound was.  We would visualize what we thought the sound was and
see if it matched.

I tried trucks and airplanes (the most common sounds) no luck  After several
hours I contacted TFA and asked them to put it on the sonic analyzer.  No
luck.  After several hours I had them try again.  No luck.  After 4 more
hours I finally made a match.

It was a small generator Charlie was using for a tunnel complex.  I had the
marines at the Rockpile give me four for effect on the loudest sensor no
effect.  After several more attempts at that location I had them fire at a
location between the two sensors.

No more generator.  That messed up Charlie's card game for that night.