Tales of Daring-Do



Amos Parker:    Tale of the 37 MM Bar Rail

                                   Two Cherry Boys over Dong Hoi

                                    Toilet Paper Over The Trail

                      Tucks Truck

Darrel Whitcomb:  Footnote to the Vietnam War

Joe Kittinger:    Beer Bottle Missions over the North

Jim Green:      AC-119G Gunship Mission

Bill Shelton:    Heavy Hook 

Jim Roth:    Bat Cat EC-121R Mission 

Ken Griswald:   "Lt Fuzz at Task Force Alpha" 

Jean Sumrall:     World of a Phase Dock Aircraft Mechanic

Bob Harris:   "take care of it yourself Sarge"

Ed (Mofak) Cathcart:   Trees, SAMs, and 121

Jim (JimBart) Bartholomew :   Hollman to Takhli