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The CA-505 gun sight (figure 4-13) consists of an illuminated reticle and an optics system composed of a Mangin mirror and adjustable combining glass to project the reticle image to infinity. The combining glass angle is adjustable and will provide a sight depression from 0 to 170 miliradian from the 0 mil reference line.

Sight Reticle.

The CA-505 sight contains an etched metal reticle composed of an outer broken circle with a diameter of 200 mils, an inner broken circle with a diameter of 100 mils, and a center dot or pipper. The reticle is illuminated by three No.1968 quartz iodide lamps which produce an illuminated reticle image (figure 4-13). The sight has a red lamp located above the depression dial to provide illumination of the dial setting.

Combining Glass and Depression Angle

The combining glass angle is manually adjusted by the pilot by means of a knob affixed to a graduated dial. The dial is integral with a circular cam which actuates a plunger pin to adjust the combining glass angle. The amount of depression angle selectable is limited only by the interference of the nose of the aircraft with the line-of-sight of the pilot.

Mil Lead Control Knob

When firing rockets or delivering other ordnance air to ground, the lead or prediction angle of the air- craft with respect to the target is set at a predetermined angle by means of the mil lead control knob (figure 4-13). The prediction angle varies with the angle of dive, speed of the aircraft, and the ballistics characteristic of the ordnance being delivered. The amount of lead or sight depression angle is read from the index above the knob.

Gunsight Reticle Light Rheostat Switch.

The dimmer switch (figure 4-13) located to the left of the gunsight on the instrument panel is a rheostat which controls the intensity of the reticle image. When the sight is not in use, the switch should be turned to DIM to prevent damage to the reticle bulbs in the event of yoltage surge. Turning the switch to BRIGHT increases reticle image intensity.



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